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Historic and artistic Heritage

  • Cullera Castle and the Calvary path: the castle is situated on the top of a mountain and sits above the town and the sea. Jaime I the Conqueror built it on an old Arab fortress in the 13th century. There are only the remains of the old towers that were part of the walled complex. The Calvary path is a zigzagging via crucis with the traditional 14 stops; it starts behind the Town Market and it leads to the castle and chapel. 
  • Reina Mora Tower or Santa Ana Tower: (declared site of cultural interest in1949). It is an Arab tower located in the Pozo Quarter in the Calvary path.  It was built in the 13th century and was part of the castle. The chapel of Santa Ana was established in the old remains of the tower in 1631.
  • The Pozo Quarter: it is next to the Town Market and the old Jewish quarter. It is where you have access to the Reina Mora Tower, the Cullera Castle and Chapel.
  • Marenyet Tower: this is an old, strong and circular tower that defended and controlled the Júcar riverbed. It was built in the 16th century by Felipe II as a defense from the attacks of pirates.
  • Dragut Cave: in this cave one can recreate the invasions of pirates from Berber in north Africa.